A Day at the beach
Season 2, Episode 59
Air date July 11, 2009
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A Day at the Beach is an episode from Season 2 of Handy Manny. It was aired on July 11, 2009. In this episode, Manny and the Tools are invited by Kelly to relax on the beach, but problem strikes when Elliot accidentally breaks the lifeguard chair.


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Manny and the Tools were fixing all of their broken things when suddenly Kelly calls and invites Manny and the Tools to relax at the beach. Manny was at first hesitant of whether wanting to go to the beach or not, but Kelly and the Tools persuaded him to go to the beach. Manny and the Tools started to prepare and pack all their beach belongings.

Arrived at the beach, Manny sets up the beach umbrella while the Tools were playing beach ball. While playing beach ball, the Tools have popped several balls until they were up to their last beach ball. Pat accidently whacks the ball too hard and it flew into the ocean. Luckilly a windsurfer picked up the ball, which the Manny and the tools found out that the windsurfer was actually Kelly. Mr Lopart was at the beach too, trying to catch a beach umbrella that was blown away, however unfortunately for Mr Lopart, while catching the umbrella, the umbrella caught Mr. Lopart. Manny asked Mr Lopart if he could help him, but Mr. Lopart once again insists that he doesn't need help and walks away.

Later Manny and the Tools learnt that Elliot is a lifeguard. While showing his lifeguard gear, Elliot accidentally drops the speaker and brakes the lifeguard ladder. Elliots asks Manny to help him fix up the ladder, but Manny tells Elliot that he doesn't have any wood to repair the ladder. Just as when Elliot was about to close the beach, Rusty found driftwood under the sand. Manny and the Tools collected as much wood on the beach and, along with nails that Kelly brought along to the beach, Manny fixed up the ladder and saved the day. After fixing up the ladder, Manny and the Tools continue their relaxing day on the beach.



  • Kelly is seen the first time windsurfing
  • Elliot is seen the first time as a lifeguard

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