Aunt Lupe
Aunt Lupe






Abuelito (Brother),Manny (Nephew), Lola (niece), Reuben (Nephew)

Aunt Lupe is Manny's great aunt and Abuelito's sister. She first appeared in Manny's Motorcycle Adventure.


Aunt Lupe has tanned skin and white hair in a bun. She has a yellow dress with blue flowers and a blue sweater over it. She wears glasses.


Aunt Lupe loves nothing more than cute things, as said by Manny when she pinched his cheeks when he was an infant. When the tools finally get to meet her, she finds them cute and pinches Turner's cheeks. She's shown to be one of Hank's friends as shown in Hank's Birthday where she made a cameo with Hank's friends to celebrate his birthday.

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