Each extra prifile rights given to a person have important meanings, not just for fun. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to run this wiki. We are lucky to have the best staff team a wiki could ask for to run our wikia. With the admins making sure every page is in tip-top shape and chat moderators making sure all of our wonderful members are getting along, there is always something new. So let us try to learn more about the extra profile rights which will be explained here

Earl of Sodor

Earl of Sodor is the highest extra right of the wiki. It stands for Advanced Master Bureaucrat or Head Admin. So far there had been only one awarded: Hilbert.Herringgull. It will be given by those who will be the head of the wiki.


Translates to President of Sheetrock Hills. Stands for "Assistant Head Admin". Like a Vice-President, PRESIDENTE DE SHEETROCK HILLS is an officer in the wiki who is below the Earl of Sodor in rank. He assists the Earl with issues. Member of Administrators and Chat Moderators.

Mayor Rosa

This one manages the uploading of videos and makes sure no spam are in videos and the the videos are legal for the wiki not against the rules. He/She also reports to the President and Earl the news.


Not a position but it shows that a user has left and won't be returning for quite a while.


The difference of Inactive from Semiretired is that in inactive, a user has made an unknown amount of edits or short ones than returns after a month or two then disappears for another month or two than he comes back after. Its instantaneous while semiretired is a long period, like 5 and above months.


Blocked from the wiki.

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