Season 1, Episode 25
Handy Manny Halloween
Air date October 8, 2007
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Squeeze's Magic Show

It's Halloween in Sheet Rock Hills as Mayor Rosa is having a Halloween Party until Manny gets a call from Victor of the Costume shop as his sewing machine is broken as Mr. Lopart wants to dress as a superhero until he later enters the sewing shop as Mr. Lopart learns that Victor's machine is broken as it is up to Manny and the tools to help Victor and help Mr. Lopart.


  • The tools' Halloween costumes are based off of their personalities or talents. Such as Stretch dressed as Frankenstein because of his intellegence, Pat dressed as a clown because he's funny, Squeeze dressed as a rabbit because she can jump pretty high, Dusty dressed as a ballerina because she can dance ballet. But it is unknown why Felipe, Turner, and Rusty dressed in their Halloween costumes because it doesn't seem to relate to their personalities.