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Handy Manny's Repair Shop


Manuel Garcia


Manuel Garcia

Opening date


Handy Manny's Repair Shop is a repair shop in Sheetrock Hills owned by Manuel "Manny" Garcia.


The sign a picture of Manny holding a penciel. Manny is implied in several episodes episodes that he actually lives in his Workshop. Manny hangs a cork board with pictures of his family and tools. He even kreps a photo album too.

The pictures feature:

  • Dusty peaking out of a dark room behind the door.
  • Turner looking grumpy with a happy Felipe and Squeeze.
  • Manny with Dusty and Pat.
  • A black and white picture of Manny.
  • Manny holding Chico with Lola.
  • And various sketches of furniature and other structors.
  • Manny with all of his tools including Flicker.

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