Handy Manny and the 7 Tools
Season 3, Episode 42
Sheet Rock Hills Playhouse
Air date April 23, 2012
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Wedding Day

A special place called the Sheetrock Hills playhouse owned by Kelly's Aunt Ginny plans a play of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs but Aunt Ginny changes it into "Snow White and the 7 Tools" where the tools and their vacuum friend Sneeze play as the dwarfs themselves until things started going wrong with Dusty losing her voice and Sneeze being shy about being an actor.

Debut Appearance

  • Aunt Ginny Voiced by Florence Henderson who was also know as Carol Brady from "The Brady Bunch"


  • Flicker and Dusty are the only tools not to be part of the show. Flicker is used as a spotlight while Dusty lost her voice and instead opened and closed the curtains.
  • Sneezy is not one of the Dwarfs/doesn't exist as a Dwarf. (or does it exist?)


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