Little Lopart
Season 2, Episode 44
Mr. Lopart's 10 Anniversary Card from Kelly
Air date September 19, 2008
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Abuelito's Telescope
The Big Picture

It's the 10th Anniversary of Mr. Lopart's Candy Store as he prepares for his day, Manny gets a call from Mrs. Lopart, asking to fix her attic door as Mr. Lopart overhears Manny as he visits Mrs. Lopart's house until Mr. Lopart appears and accidentally locks him, Manny, the tools and Mrs. Lopart in the attic as Mrs. Lopart tells a story to Manny about Mr. Lopart as a child.


Rolling out the Red Carpet

"Rolling" out the Red Carpet

Mr. Lopart on the Red Carpet

Mr. Lopart on the Red Carpet

Young Leonard Lopart

Mr. Lopart as a Child

Little Lopart

Young Mr. Lopart's head

Young Leonard Lopart in a Sticky Ball

Young Mr. Lopart on a Sticky Tape Trap

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