Mrs Portillo's Bakery

Mrs Portillo's Bakery is a location located within the town of Sheetrock Hills. Mrs Portillo's Bakery is a store located next to Kelly's Hardware Store and next to Mr Lopart's Candy Store. Mrs Portillo's Bakery is a store owned and managed by Mrs Portillo. The bakery is a food store and it caters different variety of food products cooked by Mrs Portillo herself. Citizens of Sheetrock Hills and tourists would come to Mrs Portillo's store to eat.

The store has made several appearences throughout the series of Handy Manny, both appeared directly and appeared as a background store. Manny and the Tools have came to this store to make repairs for Mrs Portillo. Besides making repairs, Manny and the tools have visited this store to buy and eat the food that Mrs Portillo has made, especially her cookies and tamales.

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