The Good, the Bad and the Handy
Season 2, Episode 57
Sheet Rock Hills of the West
Air date June 27, 2009
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Lyle & Leland Lopart (Episode)

Manny and the tools arrived at an old stone well in the center of the park as Mayor Rosa tells a story of Sheet Rock Hills back in the western times as Manny remembers a blacksmith named Manuel who saved the town from a lack of water as he learned that when a plant grows out of nowhere, water can be underground.

Characters' Ancestors

  • Manny - Manuel the Blacksmith
  • Kelly - General Shop Owner (Name Unknown)
  • Leonard Lopart - Lefty Lumpart
  • Mayor Rosa - Senora Rosita
  • Mr. Chu - Unnamed 
  • Mr. Laffler - Unnamed
  • Fluffy - Duffy


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