The Right Wrench
Episode 9
Giood job Junior
Air date March 20, 2010
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The Right Wrench is a special short which is part of the Handy Manny's School for Tools spinoff series. It was aired on March 20, 2010 and it is the 9th episode of the series. In this short episode, Manny shows the tools on how to use a crescent wrench while he builds Susana a doll house.


Manny is building Susana a doll house. He asks the tools what tool is required for the project. Turner answers by saying it's a flat head screwdriver like himself. Manny tells Turner that those are bolts not screws.Then Junior excited replies it's himself. Junior hops onto the palm of Manny's hands. Manny explains that bolts come in different sizes and how Junior is required for smaller bolts, Lily's required for bigger bolts, Lefty's required for biggest bolts. Upon explaining, he puts a bolt on Lily's crescent to explains how she tightens the bolts as Lefty hops in and stares at her bashfully. Junior soon becomes enthusiastic and wants to be involved in the prosess. A worried Lily then explains that Junior will scratch his medal if he did. But Junior just tells his mother that he won't.

Junior then excited asks Manny where does he start. Junior starts tightening the bolts. A proud Lefty congratulates his son as Felipe catches the family resemblence and says that Junior looks "exactly like him". After screwing small bolts, Manny comes across big ones. Junior is confident and says he wants to do those too. But Lily tries to stop him but doesn't. She and Lefty watch Junior struggling to turn the last bolts but gets stuck. Lefty loses his confidence in his son and asks him to he didn't listen to his mother in the first place. Lily thinks he will be stuck there "forever".

Pat comes to rescue and pries Junior off the bolts. Junior then tells his mother that he didn't scratch his medal after all. Manny calls Lily to tighten the remaining bolts as she excited hops over and finshed it off. Junior then sees Manny finishing the bed. Junior realizes he's exuasted from all that hard work he's been doing. So he rushes to the bed. Junior is sleeping heavily as Manny tells the tools to be quiet.


The Right Wrench - School For Tools - Disney Junior Asia-002:53

The Right Wrench - School For Tools - Disney Junior Asia-0

Manny shows how to use a crescent wrench


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