Manny's tools

Tools are used for fixing things, construction, and sometimes household work. Ironically, some tools laying around in the background appear not to have life to them.


The tools like humans age, eat, drink, have emotions, speak, breath, get sick, and sleep. In Staying Healthy, the tools' handle is equivalent to the human hands anatomy-wise. While tape measures like Stretch and vacuums like Sneeze uses their tape as an arm and hand while vacuums use their pipe as an arm. The tools mainly sleep in little drawers but sometimes owners would let the tools sleep in beds. It is said twice that the tools are capable of growing like all living beings. It is also implied that tools are capable of reproducing as of Lily, Lefty, and Junior are a family of crescent wreches. Due their lack of arms and legs the tools hop to get around and they are dependent so they rely on their owner to take care of their needs. The tools have to stay from water or they will rust due to their metallic bodies. Sometimes a tool can escape from a hardware store when they need an owner .

Notable tools

There has been tools through out the series. Sneeze and Roland are not tools even though they seem alive.

Tools as toys

There has been some cases where the tools are mistaken as toys usually by younger children.

Lifeless Tools

Not all the tools are alive in the series sometimes they don't appear alive. The ones that aren't alive don't have faces.

  • Kelly's Hardware sign features a faceless saw and hammer.
  • Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure- When Pat in the truck various faceless hammers are seen lying around. 
  • The Tools' New Team- In the Car repair dealership a faceless silver wrench can be seen on the ground. However, Pat trips over it.
  • Manny's School for Tools- The intro features the tools' reading a book where the cover features various faceless tools.

Fictional Tools

Some Tools that are alive can appear in pictures or as a character on a TV show.

  • Supremoguy- A Phillips Screwdriver who is a super hero and Felipe's favorite super hero.
  • Valentines Day- Manny is using the tool calender that Kelly gave to him as a gift.
  • Movie Night- Dusty wanted to see a movie in which she found appealing called "Sawdust Memories" and there was a saw featured in it.
  • Manny's Motorcycle Adventure- Pat thought that the hammer on Kelly's magazine catalog was his cousin. In which the hammer turned out to be a drawing to advertise hardware.
  • The Great Donate- Dusty saw a book in the library that she wanted to read. The plot was about a saw that broke it's tooth but the gender was unknown.


  • Ironically, Sneeze and Roland are not really tools they are household appliences. Flicker is kind of consitered as a tool.

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