Flathead screwdriver

Voiced by

Dee Bradley Baker

Turner is a flathead screwdriver who appears to be sarcastic and cynical, who often fights with Felipe, whom he considers a rival. He appears to have a secret soft spot for animals (including birds, kittens, and butterflies), although he loudly denies it. Turner is the other character besides Mr. Lopart that bad luck comes to.


Turner has the most grumpy personality out of the tools. He is very sarcastic and cynical, and he doesn't get along with Felipe, who is his rival. He often loses patience with Pat and Rusty due to Pat's lack of intelligence and Rusty's fear of things. Despite his rash behavior, Turner does have a soft spot for animals and babies in one episode, but he always covers it up. The others, though, like to point this out, much to his chagrin.

There are also episodes where he shows a genuinely caring relationship with Felipe. In "Supremoguy", when Felipe nearly fell off a scaffold, Turner was the first to say, "I'll get ya!" and in "Breakfast of Champions" expresses concern for him when Felipe got worn out. Another example is in "Bunk Beds" when Turner and Felipe worked together to take apart the bed and to help Kelly with her self. Felipe even called him pal. As well as standing or sitting next him in later episodes. Turner is shown to be really talented at dancing. Turner would sometimes express such strong emotions such as crying and blushing. Turner liked Carlos once.

Best Friends

Turner sometimes bonds with Felipe in several episodes. He also bonds with every other tool except Stretch and Flicker.


Turner is a flathead screwdriver. He tightens and loosens screws with single slots.


Turner is mostly purple or dark blue with a pink stripe around his handle.


Turner's enemy-majority of the time- is Felipe, the Philips-head screwdriver. They both hate each other, because they are two different types of screwdrivers and think that one is better than the other. Despite this, he bonds with Felipe on several episodes.