Here are somethings that should have been in Handy Manny.

  • Baby Tools- They already show child tools, adult tools, and teen tools. Why not baby tools? I hope Manny gets a baby tool. That'd be so cute! I can see Turner opening up to it more, Dusty being more motherly, and Manny raising the baby tool even bottle feeding it (the tools eat, right? why not bottle feeding), I guess poor Flicker will get jealous.
  • Abuelito having a set of talking garden tools- It's not fair if Manny, Dan, Carmela, and Hank (then Gary) get talking tools. And there's not just construction tools there's gardening tools. Besides Roland and Sneeze aren't tools they are household appliences (a vacuum and drawers). A garden hose would be the most cool (I can see it moving around just like a snake, slithering across the ground, and coiling up). After all he is a gardener.
  • Expectant mother tools- Well we have Lily, Lefty, and Junior: mother, father, and child (a family).  This implies that the tools can give reproduce (A family comes through reproduction). How does it happen? I doubt they lay eggs because their more human-like. I believe, it's meet, mate, then pregnancy, then baby. They have to show a pregnant tool or a tool getting ready to birth it will make more since.
  • More female tools- I mean there are too many male tools all we have is Dusty, Lily, and Squeeze their the only female tools. I think it should equalize and add more females. 


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