Here is a list of things that should happen in season 4.

  • Episodes focusing on the automotive team and Beamer- I mean episode titles begining with "Beamer" or "Beamer's" also "Lily", "Lily's", "Lefty", "Lefty's", "Junior", "Junior's", "Roland", "Roland's", "Zip, "Zip's", "Ticks", "Ticks' ", "Totts", "Totts' ", "Sneeze", or "Sneeze's". Also episode titles ending with the characters' name. And more appearences for character developement. I'd be nice for Gary and the Automotive team to show up at Abuelito's wedding but they didn't. We need them to appear more often.
  • Manny getting a new tool- It sounds like he'll get a new tool every other season. Like he got Flicker in season 2. I'd like to have the next tool to be a baby tool. Flicker might get jealous at first but then he'll open up more to the baby tool.
  • More new tools- A lot of new tools got introduced in season 3.
  • Friendships- Turner and Lefty seem to be friends. If you watched Hank's Birthday you'll know what I mean. There is a breif scene of them laying down on the boat (possibly sunbathing) and they give each other eye contact and look at each throughout that scene. I wonder if there will be more episodes showing more like that scene. Maybe them holding a conversation and sharing instrests.  Same goes for Squeeze and Junior when they play with the table. Even some other relationships.
  • Abuelito with a set of talking garden tools- I mean now they have vacuums and drawers. Why not give Abuelito garden tools.
  • A Father's Day, Fourth of July, Mother's Day, and Thanksgiving Special- They need those specials.
  • More tool parents- Lily and Lefty are already parents to their son Junior. Why not have a tool who is pregnant? I don't care if it's Lily or another tool but I need to who how Junior even got here.
  • Abuelito and Mrs. Portillo- They got married again (Abuelito mentioned a past marriage). I hope they show them together again.
  • Aunt Lupe- Wow Aunt Lupe made more cameos for someone who lives far away. Even one of them implied her friendships (why else would she be at Hank's birthday party?).