Sir Ralph Wedgewood II

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Manila
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Seminarian
  • I am Masculine
  • Sir Ralph Wedgewood II

    I confess to almighty God

      and to you, my fellow admins,

    that I have made a decision upon myself for happiness,

    in my thoughts and in my words,

    your rights will be in Spanish so we can have a different language usage,


    Head Admin

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  • Sir Ralph Wedgewood II

    The London and North Eastern railway was one of the so-called

    "Big Four"

    companies, formed during the 1923 grouping act in Britain.

    In this form, with engines from the North Eastern and Great Northern railways,

    it lasted a mere twenty five years,

    but left an ever lasting impression of Luxury, prestige and speed.

    40 years after the end of British main line steam,

    these are the stories they tell...

    In April 2007, a group of English students were given their module titles for their first year at university. One of those modules was Language and Communication, and involved a film project.

    After much discussion, it was decided to make a Children's series for Youtube. It had to be educational, historical and above all – fun to watch. Not only that, but i…

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