The day starts with Manny reading a catalog, the tools noticed that Manny is eyeing on a great pair of gloves as the tools think of a plan to get the gloves as Squeeze looks inside the couch as the phone rings, it was the Mayor of Sheetrock Hills, Mayor Rosa, calling for Manny's help to repair a broken traffic signal light until he sees Squeeze in the couch as Manny picks her up as Squeeze had a quarter in her mouth, as the tools leave to see the traffic signal as Mayor Rosa appears as the tools greet her as Pat pops up and says, "I'm a hammer" until Mayor Rosa pats his hammer head. As Mayor Rosa leaves, Squeeze notices a quarter inside a sewer as she tries to reach it, she slips and falls inside with no way out as she yells for help, Manny notices that Squeeze is missing as he searches until Felipe thinks that Mayor Rosa took her as Manny explains that Mayor Rosa would never do that as the tools heard her as Manny runs to the nearby sewer vents as he tries to pull open the sewer vent as it was welded on as Dusty wants to try to cut them as Manny explains to that Dusty cannot cut through solid steel as the tools try to think of a way to help her. I

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